The Cardboard Boat Race will be held Saturday, August 19, 2017 during the Sunbury River Festival.

If you are interested in creating a cardboard boat and racing, please see our Cardboard Boat Race page for Construction Rules and Tips. No need to pre-register, just show up on August 19 between 1-4pm to register and then you'll be able to race! 

If you are interested in being a sponsor of the event or have any questions, please email cbregatta@rowpa.org

Even if you don't race, come for the fun and excitement of watching the event and cheering for the best boat... or the best SUNK boat! 

Putting the Spotlight on a CPRA Member! 

Each month we are going to highlight a member.

This month, for the start of our 2017 Youth Program, we’re putting the Spotlight on a CPRA Youth Learn-to-Row Graduate, Perie Howard! 

In addition to learning to row with CPRA, Perie now coxes for the University of Louisville, and during her summers she helps coach the CPRA Youth program and cox for the Adult Learn to Row program.

Perie started rowing 4 years ago, between her junior and senior years in high school. Perie signed up for LTR with her mom and grandmother, not realizing they were different groups, for something to do in the summer together.

 She says she keeps coming back because, “I really just love the sport, I enjoy being on the water, and I like how it takes everyone giving all they can to be successful.”

 Her favorite CPRA Event is the Moonlight Row (This year on Friday, July 7). “Rowing early in the morning I spend plenty of time in a boat in the dark, but there is something fun about it being at night.”

"There are just so many benefits to rowing, the obvious one is that it's a full body workout. But also you make so many new friends you get very close with, you get to be on the water, keeps you very adaptable always trying to work around mother nature, and you develop a strong trust to the person next to you. As a coxswain you learn to react quickly, learn to get the best out of everyone, and be confident in the choices you make."

  Favorite Rowing Story: 

When I first started rowing the assistant coach at the time told a good friend of mine there was no way I would make it in the sport. To his defense I am only 5 feet tall and don't really have the build to be collegiate rower. Turns out I was much more determined than he thought, and he then "steered" me towards coxing. We are really good friends now and it's just a big joke between us that we can laugh about.

With Louisville, she has participated in the following regattas: Head of the Hooch, Cardinal Invite, Big 10/ACC double dual, Clemson Invite, Michigan Scrimmage, ACC Championship (are some of the races she participated in this year).

Perie coxing for CPRA's Youth Program 

Perie rowing in the Crying Towel Regatta (Perie in 2 seat)

Perie rowing in the Crying Towel Regatta (Perie in 2 seat, her mom in 3 seat)
Upcoming CPRA Events! Mark your Calendar...

  • April 17            2017 ROWING SEASON BEGINS!!
  • April 23             Opening Day Picnic and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony! 
  • May 1 - June 1 Learn-to-Row
  • May 29             NO Evening Rowing (Memorial Day)
  • June 3              Saturday morning (8am) coached row for Learn-to-Row and regular members. Stick around for boat washing and other clean up 
  • TBD                  Learn-to-Row Graduation Social
  • June 9              Moonlight Row  (moved to July 8)
  • June 12            Youth Learn-to-Row and Experienced Programs
  • July 7                Moonlight Row 
  • July 20             Crying Towel Regatta 
  • August 19        Cardboard Boat Regatta 
  • September       Closing Social at Skeeter’s 
  • December        Annual Dinner


Why Row?

Because rowing is FUN! But rowing offers more than fun: It is a full-body fitness sport—a complete physical and mental conditioning program. And rowing complements other exercises that you may be doing, since it works both lower and upper body muscles. You are never too old to learn to row, a sport that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. If you don’t know how to row, we have great instructors on staff to teach you. Each season we offer Learn-to-Row sessions for adults and for youth.

As you row, you can renew your spirit, "far from the madding crowd," savoring the fresh air, the ever-changing water, and wildlife along the shore of the beautiful Susquehanna River. Rowing is also a great way to meet new people. CPRA members range from their 20s to their 60s, come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and have all sorts of interests and life experiences—but they all love rowing.

Whether you’re looking for great exercise, a way to enjoy the beautiful Susquehanna River scenery, a chance to test your mettle in all-out racing, or some wonderful new friends, CPRA is the place for you. Rowing is in our name and fun is our game! We are the Central Pennsylvania Rowing AssociationC’mon—join the fun!

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