About the Central Pennsylvania Rowing Association
The Central Pennsylvania Rowing Association (CPRA) was formed in 1989 by a loosely-connected group of people who shared an interest in rowing or a curiosity about rowing and a love of the river. Since then, CPRA has evolved, and in 2004, it received federal tax-exempt status as a 501(c) 3 charitable and educational organization, whose mission is to educate and provide opportunities for the youth and general public to enjoy the health benefits of rowing recreationally, as well as competitively. The club rows on the beautiful Susquehanna River. We offer a Learn To Row program each summer, and some members of the club have competed successfully at various regattas in and around Pennsylvania.

In 2007-2008, a feasibility grant was given to SEDA-COG to study the possibility of developing a Susquehanna River Sports Park, which would include a boathouse, a park, and many other features which would expand the enjoyment of all river enthusiasts to the premier river site. Stay tuned for updates to the boathouse project.
Officers - Board of Directors
President: Jayne Kubat
Vice President: Susan Lyons
Treasurer: Amber Lind 
Secretary: Denise Davidson
Board of Directors
Dagny Leininger
Cindy Wilt
Mark Catalano
Kelly Finley
Wanda Mandell
Bim Strausser