Coordinators of Standing Committees

The duties of the coordinators of the below-designated standing committees shall be to appoint club members as indicated on their membership applications to their respective committees. Coordinators of these standing committees will be selected from the Board of Directors immediately following the annual meeting and shall serve for one full year. The Coordinator of each standing committee shall:

  • Ensure that the responsibilities of their respective committees are executed
  • Submit an annual plan with goals, objectives, and timeline for completion
  • Prepare an agenda for committee meetings which shall be circulated to the committee members and President no less than one week prior to the scheduled meeting
  • Submit an annual report to the President and Board of Directors no less than one week prior to the annual meeting which details achievements, outcomes, and plans for the upcoming year
  • Have motion and voting privileges

The President is considered an ex-officio member of all committees and should be copied on committee meeting agenda and minutes. Standing committees should meet at least twice a year and as needed and should maintain minutes that detail any meetings. Ad hoc committees may be established by the President or the Board of Directors, as necessary. Ad hoc committees are self-limiting to the task assigned and have a specific time period for the completion of the task. At the end of the task and/or time, these committees are automatically dissolved.

Membership, Recruitment, and Retention Committee (Coordinator – Dagny;  Assistant Coordinator – Quica)

  • Manage and coordinate rowing programs (i.e., LTR, Recreational, Competitive), including preparing and distributing membership applications, member surveys, information about LTR program
  • Work with Website Committee to ensure that membership log is up-to-date
  • Monitor waivers of all members on US Rowing
  • Identify other community members, stakeholders, legislators, key township administrators, etc. for LTR or other membership options
  • Design and initiate strategies for the retention of existing members
  • Coordinate bow certification process
  • Maintain log book of boat use
  • Communicate with members about the use of the log book, bow certification process, and safety policies
  • Coordinate CPRA participation in regattas
  • Plan and coordinate winter training opportunities
  • In conjunction with Social Committee, organize graduation ceremonies for LTR participants
  • Assist the Social Committee Coordinator in planning and implementing activities to enhance the membership experience or membership recruitment and retention

Publicity and Public Relations Committee (Coordinators – Mark and Jayne; )

  • Create and implement a plan for publicity of club activities and events and work with other CPRA standing committees as necessary to do so
  • Create and maintain relationships with the media and stakeholders

Safety and Equipment Committee (Coordinators – Jayne and Derek)

  • Organize safety orientation to occur at the opening day picnic.
  • Develop and monitor safety rules relating to the boathouse, on the water, and equipment use and handling.
  • Coordinate daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance tasks and duties with respect to the boathouse and grounds, boats, equipment
  • Develop and monitor bow certification policy
  • Develop and monitor Safe Sport policies per US Rowing Requirements
  • Research and make recommendations for selling and purchasing equipment to meet the evolving needs of the club
  • Ensure that insurance carrier has up-to-date list of current equipment
  • Develop and implement emergency plan to secure equipment in the event of floods and other severe weather
Historian, Archivist, and Website Development and Maintenance Committee (Coordinator –Amber)
  • Collect and maintain history of the club and equipment. Communicate history on website.
  • Maintain the CPRA Facebook page
  • Maintain and expand the CPRA website (including possible registration, payment, and uncoached rowing sign-up)
  • Ensure communication with club members related to vision, achievements, outcomes, events and long-range plans (e.g. newsletter, buttetin board, etc.)

Special Events and Merchandise Coordinator (Coordinator – Kelly)

  • Coordinate special events and fundraising events including Cardboard Boat Regatta, Crying Towel Regatta, Moonlight Row, and possible Masters of the Susquehanna Regatta
  • Seek members to serve as coordinators of special events
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate other fundraising activities (e.g., raffle)
  • Prepare income and expense reports for each fundraising activity
  • Order, manage, and maintain CPRA merchandise and racing uniforms or apparel

Social Committee (Coordinators – Wanda and Cindy)

  • Organize social events for club members, including  after-row socials  
  • Organize Opening Day Picnic
  • Organize Mailleue Memorial Row
  • Organize and plan celebrations of members’ transitions (e.g., from one skill level to another) and achievements
  • Organize Saturday morning social brunch
  • In conjunction with Membership committee, plan, implement, and evaluate activities or experiences to enhance the member experience

Youth Rowing Committee (Coordinators – Derek and Cindy)

  • Manage and coordinate youth rowing programs (i.e. LTR, Competitive)
  • Develop annual budget for youth rowing in consultation with President and Treasurer; present budget for approval by CPRA Board
  • Make recommendations to board in consultation with President for youth racing schedule, equipment/capital purchases, equipment use, coach and coxswain hiring and salary, grant requests
  • Ensure compliance with CPRA Safe Sport policies