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The Edna M Sherry was the very first boat donated to the club.  It was a 'four' - a four-seat, bow-coxed sweep boat manufactured by Vespoli in 1995.  After many years of use by the club it was sold to facilitate our change to emphasize sculling.  The ladies of Naides Rowing in New York purchased the boat and 12 oars.  They recently sent an email telling us about their boat...

Date: August 7, 2013 7:40:31 PM EDT
To: Sheila Hartung

Sheila - 

    For you and Jim Baker and all the rest of the CPRA folks I am sending you pictures of "Your Beloved Edna".  She has been rechristened the "Avalei" which is a Celtic word that means "refuge in battle", a name which we thought fitting for a wonderful boat which is to be a mainstay for our group of cancer survivor rowers.  (Note that the "L" in Avalei is a ribbon to commemorate her link to our cancer group.)  She has had her wiring redone and a few other minor adjustments, including a couple pair of new shoes.  There really wasn't much that needed to be done other than that, since you guys obviously cared for her well.  There has been talk of doing some cosmetic work on her over the winter, just to spruce her up, but we haven't decided yet.  We row her often, and have also loaned her a couple times to a high school crew of girls (they won first place in a regatta in the late spring), since they are coached by our coach and they often volunteer to help us when we need extra hands.  Additionally, one of the crew members lost her Mom to cancer some years ago and she felt a connection to our group.  She has guest coxed in our other boat, an 8 which we were able to purchase after an extensive fund raising project over the winter.
    Among the other pictures which I have included are close-up and distance shots of the oars which you so generously sold to us in the deal with the 4.  We use the oars all the time and everyone enjoys them.  The guy who refurbished and painted them did a tremendous job and was very generous with his time and was good to us with the price.  Everyone seems to have favorites with the sets of oars - I prefer the wooden-handled oars myself, others like the yellow composite ones better.  The photos were taken this spring at the ceremony when we christened both boats.  The 8 is called the "Spirit" and carries over 200 names of cancer survivors or of those who were lost.  I cannot tell you just how much I think of you guys every time I am at the boat house and on the water.  You have made our rowing experience extra special and you are a tribute to how wonderful some rowing people can be.