Section 3 - Equipment

Running an organization with people from all kinds of backgrounds working in , on, and near the river requires procedures and policies which are extensive yet flexible.  These rules are 'live' in that they change as the club encounters new issues or changes in the environment.  Please select from the Table of Contents to the right.2.1 General Rowing Rules

3.1 Use of CPRA equipment

    a. CPRA equipment is only to be used by CPRA members.

    b. Only rowers who have paid the “full membership” fee may reserve boats.

    c. All members must be checked out by the Coach to determine equipment they may use. 

3.2 Rower’s Responsibilities: Every rower is 100% responsible for the whole boat, to include the following:

    a. Checking equipment before and after use for damage, and  recording such damage in the logbook.

    b. Checking the location of boats on their racks before use so that they are returned to that location after use. Storing and securing shells on racks after every use.  Do NOT rest the boats on riggers or the rower’s box.

    c. Adjusting their own foot stretchers (Rigging, seat slides, and oars may be adjusted only with a Coach’s permission).

    d. Cleaning boats after every use.

    e. Any damage or injuries should immediately be noted in the logbook and a red tag affixed to the equipment or area that is damaged or broken.  A verbal report of any equipment damage is required to be made to the Coach (if noticed by a member during a coached row) and subsequently to the Equipment Chairperson within 24 hours of the damage.  Thereafter, the member needs to complete an Equipment Damage Report Form (located in the logbook and on the website) and submit the Damage Report Form to the Equipment Chairperson.

    f. In the event that any boat has flipped or taken on water, the rower(s) are required to notify the coach and the Equipment Chair so that the condition of the boat can be evaluated prior to further use.  

3.3 Additional rules

    a. Boats should not be left unattended in slings or on the dock.

    b. All club singles must be carried by 2 people.

    c. No privately-owned equipment may be used without permission of the owner.

Table of Contents

Section 1 – Safety Rules

1.1 – Parking Lot and Driveways

1.2 - Dock Usage

 1.3 – Traffic Patterns

 1.4 - Weather and Water Conditions

 1.5 - Lake Augusta Hazards

Section 2 – Safe Practices

2.1– General Rowing Rules

 2.2 - Clothing

 2.3 - Commands

 2.4 – Boathouse Behavior

 2.5 - Emergencies

 2.6 – Additional Safety Guidelines

Section 3 – Equipment

3.1 – Use of CPRA Equipment

 3.2 – Rowers’ Responsibility

 3.3 – Additional Rules

Section 4 – Launch

4.1 – Use of Launches

4.2 – Equipment in Launches

Section 5 – Guest Rower Policies

  5.1 – Guest Rower Policy

Section 6 - Required Clearances


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Bow Certification Process

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