Section 4 - Launches

Running an organization with people from all kinds of backgrounds working in , on, and near the river requires procedures and policies which are extensive yet flexible.  These rules are 'live' in that they change as the club encounters new issues or changes in the environment.  Please select from the Table of Contents to the right.2.1 General Rowing Rules

4.1 Use of launches

    a. CPRA members and Coaches are the only authorized users of CPRA launches.

    b. Non-CPRA members may operate a launch ONLY IF approved by a Coach or the Board.

    c. Launch gas tanks must be filled after EACH use immediately after return to dock.

    d. Any damage to launch must be noted in logbook.

4.2 Each launch must contain the following:

    a. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device for each person in the launch and each person in a boat not already carrying one  

    b. A throwable rescue device such as an approved floating seat cushion or lifeline   

    c. An efficient noise-making device

    d. An anchor with at least 50’ of anchor line attached to launch

    e. 20’ of line which has enough strength to tow a rowing shell or another boat

    f. At least one oar or paddle

    g. Lights if before sunrise or after sundown

    h. First aid kit

    i. Flashlight

    j. Communication device (radio or cell phone)

    k. Valid registration

Table of Contents

Section 1 – Safety Rules

1.1 – Parking Lot and Driveways

1.2 - Dock Usage

 1.3 – Traffic Patterns

 1.4 - Weather and Water Conditions

 1.5 - Lake Augusta Hazards

Section 2 – Safe Practices

2.1– General Rowing Rules

 2.2 - Clothing

 2.3 - Commands

 2.4 – Boathouse Behavior

 2.5 - Emergencies

 2.6 – Additional Safety Guidelines

Section 3 – Equipment

3.1 – Use of CPRA Equipment

 3.2 – Rowers’ Responsibility

 3.3 – Additional Rules

Section 4 – Launch

4.1 – Use of Launches

4.2 – Equipment in Launches

Section 5 – Guest Rower Policies

  5.1 – Guest Rower Policy

Section 6 - Required Clearances


Bow Certification Form

Bow Certification Process

Equipment Damage Report Form

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