Annual Events
Cardboard Regatta The 11th annual Cardboard Boat Regatta is coming up on Saturday, August 19, 2017, at the Sunbury Amphitheater.  There is still time to build a cardboard boat and test its seaworthiness.  (It has to be better than Jim Baker’s 2012 boat, which set a new sinking record!)  If you don’t enter a boat, just come, watch all the fun, and support CPRA.
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Crying Towel A for-fun regatta which typically involves random crews and random boats.  Everyone gets to row, in multiple events.  Although the goal is to win each heat as usual, the 'big' prize, however, is awarded to the crew which comes up with the best excuse for NOT winning! Thus, the name...
Crying Towel Regatta: July 20th, 2017
Moonlight Row An unusual opportunity to experience the river at night, when the winds are calm, the water glass-like, and the moon full.  Each row is timed to see the moon rise.  T-shirts are made for each event and customized to fit the native name of that full moon.  A late-night meal and party follow.
14th Annual Moonlight Row: Friday, July 8th, 2017