Moonlight Row
Every summer CPRA hosts a unique event - you might have heard it called the 'midnight' or 'moonlight row' but actually the name changes each year.

 2017 will be the 14th anniversary of our first Moonlight Row.
The Moonlight row will be the evening of Friday July 7*, 2017 at  7:30PM. 
Come row with us!

Anyone with basic rowing experience (and a $25 donation) is invited - you don't have to be a CPRA member.  It will be an easy row up to the bridge where we will stop and watch the moon rise and then a quiet row back on glasslike water under the moonlight. A dinner will greet us upon our return.  Non-rowers are invited to join us at dinner for $10.   T-Shirts are $19.00

Place your reservation to row / meals / t-shirts here

T-Shirt Orders due Monday, June 19th*

All of the profits from this event go to our equipment fund.  Help CPRA maintain and acquire equipment to make your rowing experience better!

Questions? Please email:

* Note Date change. The row was moved to Friday to avoid conflicting with Sunbury's Firework show