Learn to Row (LTR)

Adult Learn to Row Program:

Learning to row is a one-of-a-kind experience appropriate for anyone who is reasonably fit. You and your classmates will learn the basics of sculling (rowing) an 8-person or 4-person rowing shell. You will learn to row on the Susquehanna River, which has been described as world-class rowing water. You will learn the fundamentals of rowing from highly skilled but easy-going coaches who want to share their sport with you. 

The session will run Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 6pm–8pm beginning on May 1 and ending on June 1, for a total of 15 sessions.

The first two sessions are mandatory, May 1 and 2, will be on land so that participants can learn about safety, the rowing stroke, and boat handling (though if you have a conflict you may contact Quica or Dagny at adultltr@rowpa.org ).

The remaining 13 sessions are on the water, weather permitting. To complete the program, you must attend 3 or more of the remaining sessions, for a total of at least 5 sessions. Participants are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible. 

Once the Learn To Row program has ended, participants who have met the minimum attendance requirements will have the opportunity to row with the club for the remainder of the rowing season, which ends on September 23, 2016. The club has coached rows on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, 6pm–8pm, until September 2, then twice a week until September 23.

The fee for Learn To Row provides you with 15 days of coaching dedicated to teaching you to row, plus the ability to row with the club for free for the remainder of the season. The Learn To Row fee is half of the normal yearly membership fee for the Central Pennsylvania Rowing Association.

Participant Fees: Resident = $200, Non-resident = $205

LTR registration is administered through the Buffalo Valley Recreation Association (BVREC) and is listed in the BVREC recreation guide:

---- BVREC Adult Registration Information ----

Youth Rowing Program:

The 2017 Youth Rowing Program will be from June 12 - July 22. 

CPRA offers opportunities for youth ages 13-18 years to learn about the sport of Rowing which focus on a 6-county region (Northumberland, Snyder, Union, Columbia, Montour, Lycoming). The summer program will consist of a two one-week Learn-To-Row classes for those that are new to the sport, and a seven-week rowing program for youth with previous rowing experience who will be preparing for competition at a sprint regatta. 

Goals for the program:

  1. To expose youth (13 -18 years) to the sport of rowing
  2. To build rowing, racing, and teamwork skills of young rowers with previous experience
  3. To prepare participants to compete at a regatta. 
We achieve these goal through our Youth Learn-To-Row program and our Experienced Youth Program, both of which are described below:

The Youth Learn-to-Row will introduce the fundamentals of rowing in a co-ed setting for youth ages 13 through 18 years old. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Beginners will experience sculling (each hand has one oar) in 8-person shells called octuples. This is a one of a kind experience with an experienced youth and collegiate rowing coach. The session consists of on-the-water instruction in which new rowers are fully engaged in learning the technique and execution of the rowing stroke, rowing commands, boat handling, and the intricacies of crew dynamics.

---- Link to Youth Learn-to-Row Registration Form ----

Experienced Youth Rowing Program: For those youth who have already experienced rowing (and graduates of the Youth Learn-to-Row), this program will refine your skills and culminate in participation in either a sprint race (summer) or a head race (fall) Regatta. The summer and fall experiences are described below:


  1. Participants in all sessions will gain coxswain experience
  2. The coach is responsible for decisions on who will compete at regattas and in what boats or seats
  3. In order to be eligible to compete at the regatta, participants must attend all practices
  4. CPRA will cover expenses of attending regatta (entrance fee, equipment, transportation of equipment, uniform)
  5. Rowers will be responsible for personal travel expenses (food, travel expenses)

---- Link to Experienced Youth Rowing Registration Form ----