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2017 Youth Learn - To - Row Program

This two-week program introduces the fundamentals of rowing in a co-ed setting for youth ages 13 through 18 years old.  It's the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to try a new sport or looking for a fun way to stay in shape this summer. Rowing is a great low-impact, aerobic workout. It strengthens skills like coordination, mental acuity, endurance, and reaction speed. 

GOAL: To expose youth (13-18) to the sport of rowing
NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Beginners will experience sculling (each hand has one oar) in eight-person shells called octuples. This is a one of a kind experience with an experienced youth and collegiate rowing coach. The session consists of on-the-water instruction in which new rowers are fully engaged in learning the technique and execution of the rowing stroke, rowing commands, boat handling, and the intricacies of crew dynamics.

SCHEDULE:  June 12 through June 23 (Monday through Friday mornings, 8-10:30 am)

 FEE: Free to participants; subsidized with grant and organization funding
* Youth who complete the Learn-to-row Program have the option to continue in the Youth Experienced Rowing Program that continues through July 22 wth the Philadelphia Youth Regatta, for a prorated fee. 


Information for First Day: 

Swim Test Certification
Please make sure to bring the complete Swim Test Certification Form. You can take the Swim Test Certification form to a pool and have a lifeguard test your child and sign the form.  Local pools/YMCA’s have been very cooperative about doing this in the past.  If your child is unable to complete the swim test, or if we don’t have a certification form, your child can still row, but will be required to wear a life vest.

Permission to Use Photographs
We would greatly appreciate being allowed to use photos of your child in different publications, both printed and on the website.  If you are willing to allow that, please sign and bring this form as well.

US Rowing Waiver (required for registration):

CPRA is a member of US Rowing, an umbrella organization for rowing clubs nationwide. US Rowing requires that each member or rower of our club to submit an electronic waiver of liability through the US Rowing website.

To complete the online waiver, please go the US Rowing website:

  • Under "Individuals" click on "Join" if your youth has not been registered on the site before. 
  • Upon entering the site, you will be asked some information about your child (name, sex, age, etc.). 
  • You will need the CPRA club name (Central Pennsylvania Rowing Association) and it may ask for a club access code to continue the process:    SFDUM.    
  • After registration of your child on the US Rowing site and producing a profile of them, you will then be prompted to sign the waiver for the current year. 
  • At the completion of the waiver process, you will be a US Rowing member and will be given a unique number, which verifies to us that you have signed the appropriate waiver. Please provide us with the US Rowing number
  • Notes 
    • There is a $7.75 administrative fee for the basic membership that allows you to sign the liability. 
    • During the waiver process, all athletes will be asked four safety questions. There are no repercussions for missing any or all of the safety questions. These questions are educational and give US Rowing feedback on how athletes understand safety within our sport. Even if you happen to miss ALL the questions, you will still have signed the waiver successfully. 
    • US Rowing online waiver

What to wear:  Snug-fitting, bright clothesSnug shorts are essential to wear so that they don’t get caught in the boat runners and bright t-shirts are best so that rowers can be seen on the river. Socks - The boats have built-in shoes, but either wear or bring socks; Sunscreen; Hat or visor; Sunglasses - Wear sunscreen (even if an overcast day); hats and sunglasses help to shield eyes from the sun (optional).

What to bring:  A full water bottle to bring in the boat, your US Rowing number, “Swim Test Certification Form” and “Permission to Use Photographs” form. If possible, bring an extra bottle of water for hydration after practice.  

Time of class:  We try to start the class as close to the time as scheduled but would appreciate it if rowers can be at the dock 10 minutes early to carry oars and get the equipment and line-ups organized. It will also take another 15 minutes or so to put the boats and oars away at the end of the day. 

Directions to the new rowing site: The CPRA rowing site is now located in the Shikellamy State Park (between Northumberland Borough and the City of Sunbury) on the southern tip of Packer's Island, at the confluence of the West Branch and North Branch Susquehanna River. The address is: SHIKELLAMY STATE PARK, Bridge Avenue, Sunbury, Pennsylvania, 17801. As you enter the designated entrance off Bridge Ave., travel until you can make your first left, pass the Park Office (on the left) and travel past the powerboat docks. Our site is to the right of the powerboat docks. Please drive slowly (5 mph) through the parking lots. 

If, during the weeks, you ever have any questions or concerns, please talk to the coach or one of the CPRA board members. 

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