The Boats have been named!

At the CPRA Annual Meeting and Dinner the boat names were voted on and here are the results:
  • Trainer single - Fatty Bacon
  • Red Single (Peinert) - The Powerline
  • Black Single (Hudson) - Skeeter
  • White Single (Swift) - The Intake
  • Wintech Double - Double Trouble
  • Hudson Quad - The Spirit of John Skotedis
  • Filippi Quad - Saetta (Lightning Bolt in Italian)
 Boats to be Named

Fatty Bacon
Trainer single 
The Powerline
 Red Single (Peinert)
Black Single (Hudson)
  The Intake
 White Single (Swift)
Double Trouble
 Wintech Double
The Spirit of John Skotedis
 Hudson Quad
Filippi Quad