2019 Adult Regular Season

The 21-week season will run from April 29 through September 27 and takes into account an extended fall season.

Although we may need a few experienced rowers to help out with the Learn-to-Row classes, we anticipate that these classes will have minimal impact on the rowing experience of members. Once the Learn-to-Row class is completed we will be integrating the new rowers into the rowing line-up and all CPRA members will have the opportunity to row with them and help make them feel welcome to the club and the sport of rowing.


Three evenings per week (6-8pm): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, April 29 – September 6
Then, two evenings per week until September 27.
One Saturday row during the months of June, July, August, and September (specific dates to be determined).

  • Goal: Improve rowing skills and fitness for all levels of rowers from novice to advanced

  • Rowers to come as their schedules permit

  • Open to all full, collegiate, and limited row members


Three mornings per week (6-8am): Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, April 30 – September 27

  • Goal: Training for both sprint and head races

  • Rowers must commit to full attendance across the season

  • Open to all full members


  • Rowers arrange with other members to take out club boats during uncoached times

  • Half of the rowers in a boat must be bow certified including the bow person in order to take out a boat without a coach

Membership Options


Boat Rack

For members or non-members with their own boats who wish to store their boats and oars on club racks: 

$50 single scull boat rack & oars
$100 double scull boat rack & oars

  • Includes Access to club racks to store personal boats and oars.

  • Must verify that they carry current boat insurance.

  • Rack fee does include oar fee.



Skill Levels

Novice (Those who may have completed LTR in a previous year but whose skill is still at the novice level)

  • Goal : Build on basics

  • 21 weeks: April - September (water level-dependent)

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings (6:00 - 8:00 p.m.)


  • Goal: Skill improvement, recreation, and competition (if desired) in regional or local competitions.

  • 21 weeks: April - September ( water level-dependent)

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings (6:00 - 8:00 p.m.)

Collegiate (Individuals over the age of 18 who are current rowers in college)

  • Goal: Maintenance of rowing skill; expansion of skills into sculling

  • 21 weeks: April - September (water-level dependent)

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evening (6:00 - 8:00 p.m. with Intermediate Rowers.)

Experienced Rowers 

  • Two years of experience and competent to crew without supervision after completing Bow Certifications Requirements.

Closing Social at Skeeters

Closing Social at Skeeters

Opening Picnic and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for new Boathouse!

Opening Picnic and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for new Boathouse!

2019 Special Events

Opening Day Picnic — April 28
Socials — May 23, June 6, August 1
Learn-to-Row Graduations @ Skeeters — June 20, July 15
Moonlight Row — August 16
Closing Social at Skeeter’s
Annual Meeting and End of Year Dinner — Typically 1st weekend in November


Sprint Races:
- Carnegie Lake Regatta (NJ) - July 13, 2019
- Quaker City Regatta (Philly) – August 3
Head Races:
- King’s Head Regatta (King of Prussia) – September 29
- Navy Day Regatta (Philly) - October 12