Good Rowing Conditions!

Good Rowing Conditions!

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River Conditions

Weather Conditions


Weather and Water Conditions Safety Rules

  1. Prior to rowing all rowers must make sure weather and water conditions are safe to row, to include but are not limited to the following conditions:
    1. Water level must be above 8 feet and below 16 feet as measured at the Sunbury gauge
      (go to Sunbury gauge webpage).
    2. River current must be less than 60,000 cfs as measured at the Sunbury gauge
      (go to Sunbury gauge webpage).  
      • Exception:  At a coach’s discretion and with a coach on the water, boats (especially bigger boats) may be out if the current is between 60,000 and 90,000 cfs.
    3. Fog/ Visibility – Rowers must be able to see the opposite (Sunbury) river bank.  If fog sets in while on the water, immediately return to the dock. Move slowly toward the dock  and be prepared to  stop quickly.  Use your sound-making device  (horn, whistle) to advise other boats of your location (1 long blast, followed by 2 short blasts). 
    4. Thunderstorms – stay off the water if lightning is sighted or thunder is heard and for 30 minutes thereafter.
    5. Whitecaps - Do not row in whitecaps. If boats are already on the water when the water becomes whitecapped, return to the dock immediately. 
  2. Be very observant if the south wind is blowing because the water can kick up and increase the danger of the water conditions very quickly. This is due to the wind blowing in the opposite direction of the water current. 
  3. A coach on the water has discretion during coached rowing to make decisions about the above water and weather conditions.
  4. Board members have the duty, responsibility, and authority to override the coaches’ decisions/discretion  

WATER CONDITIONS at Shikellamy State Park - The entry road to the park closes (floods) when the river reaches 16 ft. The boathouse itself shouldn't flood until until the river reaches 25-26 ft. 

Adam T. Bower Inflatable Dam - 2018 Season Dates

Here is DCNR's planned operational schedule for the Adam T. Bower Inflatable Dam in Sunbury. As a reminder, these dates are estimates, and could change based on river conditions.

  • The spring dam inspection is scheduled for April 24-25. This may result in slightly higher water upstream, for no more than a day or two.
  • Inflation should begin around May 2, and generally takes 10-14 days to complete.
  • Installation of the marina docks should begin on, or about, May 14, and they should be in place for the start of the marina season Memorial Day weekend.

DCNR is back on its normal fall schedule, and that means boats will need to be removed before Oct. 8, and deflation will begin around Oct. 15.

(From PA State Rep. Lynda Culver Facebook page)